Award-winning Faculty, Staff and Emeriti

SUNY Chancellor's Award

Instituted in 1972 by the State University of New York, the Chancellor's Awards recognize exceptional contributions to the university by dedicated professionals.

As of May 2023, 197 faculty and staff members from Hudson Valley Community College have received the SUNY Chancellor's Award.

Chancellor's Award Recipients

President's Award for Teaching and College Service

The award was established in 1985 by then President Joseph J. Bulmer as a way to recognize excellence in teaching and professional service on campus.

As of May 2023, 189 faculty and staff members have received the President's Award.

President's Award Recipients

Meritorious Service Award

Started in 1981 by the college’s third president, Dr. Joseph Bulmer, the awards recognize those classified staff employees who stand out, not only because they achieve the objectives and engage in the activities included in their job descriptions, but because they excel beyond expectations. 

Meritorious Service Award Recipients


Faculty members who retire from the college after more than 10 years of service are granted the title of Professor Emeritus. The Board of Trustees, at their discretion, may confer the Emeritus title on any retiring administrator in recognition of his/her distinguished service to the college and Trustees who retire from the Board after three or more years of service receive the title of Trustee Emeritus.

Listing of Emeriti